Toyota Tacoma for the Weekend

This post was sponsored by Toyota, but all opinions are my own.

Toyota Tacoma Review
Toyota Tacoma Review
Toyota Tacoma Review

Toyota let us borrow their 2019 Tacoma for the weekend and it was awesome! We took advantage of having a 4X4 crawler and headed up to the mountains while my parents were here visiting from California. It was so nice to have a reliable car to take up into the mountains. It had enough power to get up the mountain without having to drive in the slow lane with all of the big rigs. Also, because of all the snow, it was the perfect vehicle to make sure we made it there safe and all the way back home.

We traveled up to Breckenridge for the day and my parents loved all of the shops and food that we tried. We stopped and ate lunch at the The Motherloaded Tavern. It is all homemade food and it was amazing. I had the delicious Flank Steak Salad and Joe had a salad with the soup of the day. My mom had the mac n cheese (and omg it was so good!) and my dad had the Mama’s Cobb salad. We had such an amazing time together, exploring Breckenridge was a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

After lunch, we did a ton of damage shopping at all of the cute shops in Breckenridge. The hard part with shopping with the Tacoma was the space inside. All four of us sat comfortably in the truck, but once we added in all of our shopping, it was a little hard to squeeze in. While talking about this, Joe decided that if we were to ever own a Tacoma (which is now in the running) we would make sure to purchase a cover for the bed of the truck. This way we could store all of our purchased items there instead of inside of the truck.

Just before we were ready to head home, we made a pit stop at one of our favorite breweries, Broken Compass Brewing. They have great beer and the atmosphere is the perfect place to wind down after a day of walking around and shopping. It was so fun to see all of the dogs running around the place. We are huge dog fans and the dogs off leash really just makes us all so happy to be around.

Then we hit the road. Breckenridge was beautiful. It was a cold day, but what do you expect at that elevation in February. But on our way home, we hit a huge snow storm. It caused a lot of traffic but thankfully we were in the Tacoma. I do not think I would have been able to drive through that storm in Joe’s car. All my friends were probably wondering why I was driving and not Joe haha. But he had too many beers at the Broken Compass Brewery to make it safe for him to drive.

I am very thankful that Toyota let us borrow the Tacoma for the weekend. It made my parents think we bought a new car, I mean we wish we did. But it was a fun and reliable truck to take to the mountains and go through a crazy snow storm. There are so many great things the Tacoma has to offer. It has a push button start (a dream so if I lose my keys in my purse), a sunroof, had XM radio, everything was easy to use, had extra space in the back (comfortable for 4 adults), and the TRD 4x4 off road package was a huge win for us. Oh, and a week later my boss ended up purchasing one! It was crazy!

If you were to own a Tacoma, what sort of things would you do with it?

Toyota Tacoma Review
Traveling with Toyota Tacoma Review