Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - New Momma Must Haves Edition
New momma must haves anniversary sale

This fall/winter I will either as big as a whale or taking care of a new born baby. I will be on maternity leave and will probably be wearing leggings/joggers everyday because let’s be real, new moms are busy. This is going to be a whole new experience for me and I am not sure how its going to go. So I plan to spend my money on things I know I will be wearing this fall and winter.

These are the items that I plan to purchase myself:

Lets be real, having a baby is expensive. I did a whole blog post on just what we bought baby boy, click here to read. So most of my budget went to him and I am not mad about it. It just limits what I can purchase for myself. A lot of the same items are on sale again from last year and I am kinda happy because it makes me feel like I do not have to spend so much on myself this year. Here are a few things that I loved, but didn’t make the cut:

Next, there are so many repeat items from last years sale. Including some of the things that I bought. Here are some items that are either the exact same that I bought last year or super similar.

A lot of you, wanted some home goods. I thought a lot of it was over priced and so I linked a few things here for you guys. Some of the blankets might be worth it, but that is totally up to you!