For Momma Bear
Holiday gift guide for mom
  1. Plush Robe 2. Diffuser 3. Electric Toothbrush 4. Water Bottle

    5. Slippers 6. Heated Mattress Pad 7. Scarf 8. Pom Pom Blanket

Plush Robe: This thing looks so soft and its under $55!!

Diffuser: This is something that I know my mom would love because the essential oils are so good for you! This one is only $32

Electric Toothbrush: My mom loves using electric toothbrushes, so it is time to upgrade her to the newest! This one is under $70

Water Bottle: This water bottle is so cool because you can store things like your money, credit cards, and keys under it so you don’t have to carry a purse! It is under $37!

Slippers: These are always a good idea. I chose ones with a thick sole because my mom goes out with the dogs in the morning! So they are great for walking around the house and stepping outside for a moment or two! These are $80!

Heated Mattress Pad: This is actually something we have and it is amazing! We turn ours on while getting ready for bed and then we get into bed its warm and cozy. Perfect for those cold snowy/rainy nights.

Scarf: This scarf is perfect for the holidays. Perfect as a stocking stuffer too! Only $13

Pom Pom Blanket: This blanket is perfect for my mom because she loves anything that says “Blessed Home” and the pom poms are a perfect addition. This blanket is $69.