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Baby announcement and first trimester update
baby announcement and first trimester update

Wow it’s still even crazy to say out loud. It really hasn’t hit me yet which is insane. I have a baby in my stomach and I still don’t even believe it!  

We are over joyed with this announcement. Little baby is growing and currently the size of an avocado.  We are just over 15 weeks and over the moon with our little avocado. 

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baby announcement and first trimester update

Our Reaction:

When I first peed on the stick, I was so nervous. We were sorta trying but not not trying, if that makes sense. The first month it was a no, which was fine but gave me a lot of doubts. I have always feared there was a chance that I could not get pregnant. So the next time around, when it came time to take a test, I was so nervous. I was obviously alone in the bathroom when I took the test and when it came back positive, I couldn’t even believe it. I ran to Joe in the office, and just sat there with a smile on my face. I could never be that type of person that is able to hide it from my husband and tell him in some special way. Props to those ladies for being able to keep a secret.

The lines were definitely clear, but we decided to go and get another test just to be sure. We ran to the store and bought two more tests. One I took that same morning and the lines were a little more faint (probably because it wasn’t my first pee of the morning kind of thing) but you could see both of them. We decided to wait till the next morning to take the next one.

The next morning, we took a digital test and it came back POSITIVE. This was probably the most exciting test we took because it made us feel very confident that we were actually pregnant. We ended up purchasing our first onesie this day as well. It will take some time before our little one is able to wear it but we felt good about everything.

first trimester update
first trimester update

The First Trimester:

Our 8 week appointment. This was the scariest part. I was so nervous because we had to wait so long to confirm that their was even a little one inside of me. I understand why doctors wait till 8 weeks but it would have been nice for someone to confirm the pregnancy before the 8 week appointment. Joe had done a ton of research on doctors and we found the perfect one, so we scheduled with her. We went in for our appointment and did our ultrasound first and that brought tears to both of our eyes. It was crazy to see our little one on the screen.

If you’ve never had a kid before, let me tell you something I did not know about till about a week before my appointment. The first ultrasound is not the one that goes on top of your stomach. It is a probe that they put inside of you that is very very uncomfortable. This was something that Joe and I laughed about after, but the tech told me to relax like 10 times and its not easy let me tell you.

The next part was pretty easy. They took us to our room where we would finally meet the doctor we hoped would deliver our child. However, the doctor that we had chosen was called off to an emergency. So we didn’t even get to meet her. Total bummer but if that were us in an emergency we would want her to run towards us too. But the best part is that on our next appointment she was called off again! So we have our fingers crossed for the next appointment. I will keep you all updated on that! We have decided that it is okay that we haven’t met our “official” doctor yet because what if she isn’t working that day and we get a new doctor for our delivery. It has been nice to meet the other doctors just in case that were to happen to us.

I feel like I had a pretty easy first trimester. I did have a lot of nausea but never really got sick which I am grateful for. It was definitely hard at first with the nausea feelings. There were points that I wished I would just get sick thinking that I would get better.

Food aversions have been the hardest part through this pregnancy. I haven’t wanted anything green, like broccoli, squash, kale, salad or asparagus. These are all things that I would normally eat weekly. I am patiently waiting for the day that this goes away and I will want my normal meals. If someone has tips on what I can do to make these aversions pass, please leave them in the comments section.

Cravings…. All I want is fruit, especially oranges! I want real oranges though, not the cutie oranges. I don’t think we have ever even bought oranges as long as we’ve been together, and now we go through the 8 pound bag in a week. NO SHAME! I am happy that I am at least craving fruit. I think Joe would have a heart attack if I didn’t want anything semi healthy for me.

Joe and I were so nervous to share this news with everyone but were also really excited because it’s such great news for one to have! We had prayed so much to be able to have a baby and now that it is happening we are so blessed and couldn’t be happier! I will begin to share more about my pregnancy experiences because it seems like each pregnancy has it’s own story to tell. So stay tuned and follow us along on this amazing journey!

Do you have any pregnancy tips or stories to share? I would love for you to share your experiences in the comments section below!

baby announcement and first trimester update