Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips

The biggest sale of the year is almost here! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

If you've never shopped this sale, here is a little background information! The anniversary sale is a sale with all brand new products that are on sale for a couple of weeks and then they go back up to regular price once the sale is over. Most of the items are fall/winter products to prepare you for those seasons, but the last couple years, Nordstrom has included a few wear now options! So keep an eye out for those items to finish out the summer with. 

When is it?

Early Access starts July 12th - July 19th 

Early Access is for customers that have a Nordstrom credit card. You can apply for one now to make sure you don't miss out on anything. Click here to get to the application. 

Sale officially starts July 20th - August 5th


Make sure you shop during early access! Most things are sold out before the sale actually starts on July 20th. 

If you're on the fence about something, get it and if you decide against it, you can always return it! 

This sale is preparing you for fall and winter! I know its hot out, but buy the jacket! You will be sad  you didn't get it once the weather drops. 

On August 6th, the prices go back up. So buy the shoes! 

Right now you can look at the sale catalog to get a sneak peak at a few of the items that will be on the sale! psst: I know which items from this catalog that I am getting! Click here to get to the catalog! 

I will have a blog post up on all of the items I love on July 12th! 

Here are a few items I plan on picking up: 

Originally $65

Sale $42.90

Originally $278

Sale $184.90

Originally $85

Sale $63.90

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Share below what you're planning to get from the catalog