Favorite Christmas Movies on Netflix
Favorite Christmas Movies on Netflix

Christmas movies are one of my favorite things about the holidays. I love the sappy love stories even when I know how each story is going to end. Right now there are a ton of Christmas movies on Netflix that are so worth watching. Since we do not have cable right now, I cannot watch all of the Hallmark movies I am used to watching, so these movies are the perfect back up plan!

  1. The Christmas Chronicles: This was so cute and family friendly! The kids will just love this story!

  2. A Christmas Prince: I fell in love with this one! So cute and they came out with the sequel!

  3. A Christmas Prince, The Royal Wedding: It was awesome watching the story continue and how a woman can change a royal kingdom.

  4. Christmas in the Smokies: Obsessed with this love story!

  5. Christmas Inheritance: I enjoyed this one! Not my favorite but still cute!

  6. The Spirit of Christmas: LOVED this one!

  7. A Holiday Engagement: This one was funny and I would recommend it!

  8. The Holiday Calendar: It was a little slow but a really cute story

  9. The Princess Switch: Definitely a fun one to watch, especially with kiddos

  10. Christmas with a View: Add this one to your list because I loved it!

Let me know which ones were your favorite this year in the comments below!

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Favorite Christmas Movies on Netflix